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“It Ain't Nothin' For Lee Roy Mercer To Whoop A NASCAR Driver's Ass!”

LEE ROY MERCER opens a tallboy can of Whoop-Ass on today's top name NASCAR Drivers, Crew Chiefs & Owners with his latest hit record GONE RACIN'™. The CD comes complete with (Certificate Of Authenticity) signed by former NASCAR driver Rick Mast to verify that all the NASCAR personalities featured on the disc are authentic. The Prank Call disc also features special bonus tracks including the hit song American Redneck™ from cattleAXE, featuring Tom Bettini formerly of JACKYL & Greg Yates the former guitar player of David Allan Coe & a preview of ROWDY the racing radio show you call from your Cell Phone.

LEE ROY MERCER® GONE RACIN'™ Is The First Album In Recording Industry History To Feature Authentic Prank Calls Made On Today's Top Names In NASCAR.


Track List: 

Gone Racin'

Produced By Jon Holtz

Mastered By SEVA

1. Tony Stewart

2. Kevin Harvick

3. Jack Roush

4. Dale Jarrett

5. Rusty Wallace

6. Sterling Marlin

7. Jimmy Spencer

8. Ryan's -Voice Mail I

9. Ken Schrader

10. Michael "Fatback"McSwain

11. Ryan's -Voice Mail II

12. Digger

13. Bobby Labonte

14. Ryan's -Voice Mail III

15. Cale Yarborough

16. Robert Yates

17. Jeff Hammond

18. Ryan's -Voice Mail IV

19. American Redneck  - Featuring cattleAXE

20. GONE RACIN' - Featuring Wicked Jones

21. Rick Mast - Interview

LEE ROY MERCER - GREATEST THREATS is a compilation of some of Lee Roy's most outrageously hilarious uncensored Prank Calls ever recorded. Now you can own a copy of the most definitive collection of Whoop-Ass Redneck affronts ever made against the unsuspecting telephone public all on one disc. Somebody's Ass Could Get Whooped Over This!

Greatest Threats features 15 side-splitting tracks plus an exclusive interview with two-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Tony Stewart on the infamous prank call Lee Roy pulled on him regarding problems with the toilets at Stewart's historically famed Eldora Speedway. Plus, the (Special Edition) disc includes a Whoop-Ass Bonus Tune hand picked by Lee Roy Mercer, The Backstretch Boys pay tribute to the world of Dirt Track Racin' with their new Hit Single "We Dig Dirt" featured on track 16.


Track List: 

Greatest Threats

Produced By Jon Holtz

Mastered By SEVA

1. Harman Ice

2. Thigpin Concrete

3. Ryan's Voice Mail

4. Pet Hearing Aid

5. Hot Sauce

6. Jack Roush

7. Environmental Disaster On The Farm

8. Denny Darnell

9. Love Triangle Gone South

10. Ryan's Voice Mail IV

11. Hot Sauce II

12. C.F. Sauer Company

13. Tractor School

14. Sex Pills

15. Tony Stewart - (Uncensored)

16. We Dig Dirt - The Backstretch Boys


Track List: 

Whoop 'Em Again

Produced By Jon Holtz

Mastered By SEVA

1. Stolen Breakfast Bowl Idea

2. Sex Pills

3. Love Triangle Gone South  6:17

4. Pre-Paid Bond 

5. Sex Change The Dog

6. Environmental Disaster On The Farm

7. Re-Bury The Mother-In-Law

8. Balloon Poop

9. Pawn The Dog

10. Bronco Repo

11. Cold Fish Dinner



Track List: 

Huh! I'll Whoop Your Ass!

Produced By Jon Holtz

Mastered By Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics, Nashville, TN

Copyright © 2010 WarHead Records